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Additional Costs
  • Onboarding

    We handhold you throughout the onboarding process. Be it the WhatsApp cloud API setup or linking your EasySocial account. We help you end-to-end at no extra cost.

  • Official Business Account - Green Tick Verification

    We guide you with the requirements for attaining an OBA status and promptly getting a Green Tick on your WhatsApp Display Name at no additional cost.

  • WhatsApp Conversation Fee

    WhatsApp charges a fee for each conversation beyond first 1000 conversations each month, based on your currency of payment and country code of phone number being messaged a unique fee is applicable. Such payments are made directly to Meta via linked payment methods.

    WhatsApp Charges
  • Chatbot Consultation & Set-up (Optional)

    In case you have an extremely complex requirement for building a chatbot, and you are not sure not get your way around with the provided tools. Reach out to us with your use case and we will not only guide you, but also assist you end-to-end at a reasonable one time fee.

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Frequently Asked Questions.

Explore all commonly asked questions to instantly understand the capabilities of our product range.

Green Tick Badge Approval

Green Tick is badge that distinguises a reputed business and helps identify a genuine conversation. A few criterias need to be met before applying for this badge. EasySocial charges a nominal fee for applying to Facebook for a Green Tick Badge for your Business. In case your application is rejected, the fee will not be refunded. A business can use WhatsApp Business APIs even without having a green tick badge.

What is a whatsApp session message?

When a customer or a business initiates a message, a session is started. The business can respond with any number of messages within 24 hours. After exceeding the window of 24 hours a template message needs to be sent to reinitiate the window.

What is the cost for outgoing session messages?

EasySocial gives you a free tire limit for session messages. After exhausting your free limit, you will be charged as per your chosen plan. For sending an outgoing message initiated by a business, Template Message will be applicable.

After onboarding can I use WhatsApp on regular mobile app?

If you have transitioned from regular WhatsApp account to WhatsApp Business API account, you cannot use the same number with any other WhatsApp application on Mobile or Desktop other than your EasySocial account.

What are the charges for incoming messages?

There is no additional fee for first 1000 sessions. Beyond which additional rates as fixed by WhatsApp will follow.

What is a whatsApp template message?

When a business initiates conversation with a customer, the first message being sent out needs to be approved by WhatsApp. This initial message is called a template message. These messages can be order update messages, shipping update messages, appointment reminders, etc. Template Message varies for different countries. All template messages must be pre-approved by WhatsApp through your panel.

Can I broadcast promotional messages?

WhatsApp API allows sending certain categories or promotional messages. You must adhere to WhatsApp's template guidelines. You can send stock alerts, re-engagement messages, etc. However, you cannot send spammy or abusive content.

Can I customize my chatbot? Is there additional fee to it?

EasySocial has an advanced chatbot designer tool, that allows you to design a conversation using a flow diagram in minutes. Using this tool you can set rules for assigning conversations to agents, integrate with your existing CRM or tools using webhooks, store customer information during the conversation and use it for advanced analytics. These features are available from the entry level plans at no additional cost. If you are looking for extreme customization, talk to our experts and we will help you find a solution.

Can I cancel my plan?

Yes. You can cancel anytime. But, the number registered with API is non-transferable and cannot be used on any WhatsApp product again. There is a possibility that WhatsApp will allow migration between service providers in near future.

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