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With Official WhatsApp Business API and powerful automation by EasySocial get ready to embrace your customers with automated support, sales and marketing!

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Unmatched Features that save you upto 60% Manpower!


Provide 24/7 Customer Support

Respond your customer queries immediately and 24x7, the chances of closing deals becomes 5x higher.

Global Users

Reach 2.2 Billion Users on WhatsApp

The world is on WhatsApp. With 2.2 Billion users, WhatsApp is the most preferred communication app. Be where your customers are.

Bulk WhatsApp Messages

Unlock Super Fast Bulk Messaging

EasySocial is capable of sending over 200 messages per second. Just schedule your campaign and never worry about getting blocked.


Talk to customers in their language

EasySocial supports multiple languages, talking to your customers in their language increases deal closure by 3x.


Rich & Interactive Messages

Send Videos, Photos or Documents for comprehensive experience. Also send messages with Interactive Buttons and Lists.


Human Handover in Real Time

Set automated rules or manually hand over of conversations to a Human Agents when chatbot is not enough.


Powerful CRM for your Business

A capable CRM that holds details of your customers. Create notes, set reminders, categorize, and enjoy many countless features.


Easy No-code Chatbot Builder

Build a chatbot in minutes from scratch. Easy interface to build powerful conversations. Use pre-built templates for a quick-start.

Advance API Integration

Advanced API Integrations

Extremely capable API integrations that can be used in any app, software, website or workflow. Native integrations also available.

Trusted by Global Brands!

WhatsApp Chatbot Multimedia messages
Beyond Traditional Text Messaging

Improve your customer communication by sending product images and videos to create a lasting impression. Easily share invoices, brochures, tickets, reports, and other documents within your conversation. Furthermore, enhance your capabilities by sending or receiving location coordinates for smooth product delivery or location-based experiences.

  • Upto 100% better open rates with media
  • Build 3x more engaging conversations
WhatsApp Chatbot with clickable buttons and interactive lists
Clickable Messages, Faster Navigation.

Enhance convenience and ease of access by introducing buttons and list options for quick replies. When multiple options are available, give users the ability to choose from a pop-up list of list items. Furthermore you have the flexibility of extreme customisation, where you can navigate to different messages via a customised text response.

  • Build 5x faster navigation experience
  • More flexible conversations flows

Design your conversation
with complete flexibility.

Experience revolutionary node based chat builder that lets you create conversations in minutes. With its advanced features, go creative and deliver intuitive conversational experience to your customers. Automatically store customer details during conversation with the chatbot, this information helps you profile customer for enhanced targeting & filtering in future.
Multi Agent Workflow on WhatsApp Chatbot
Imagine the power of teamwork.
EasySocial gives you the flexibility to work on the same enquiry with multiple team members from different teams or departments, so that you can serve your customer in the best possible manner. Not just this you can automatically assign enquiries to different team members based on preset rules, for example, you can forward enquires for MBA to person X, and enquires for MCA to person Y without any human intervention.
Fastest WhatsApp Broadcast
Broadcast Messages that drive sales.
Reach new audience on WhatsApp with a tempting offer or an introduction to your product. Simply upload a database of your customer contact numbers and start reaching your audience in no time. You can send personalised notifications for dropped cart, shipping status, discount codes and more.

Fine Tune on the Fly

Observe conversations between the bot and the user and improvise in real time.

Test and Deploy

Create different versions of your ChatFlow. Tweak it, until it is ready to deploy for the world.

Get Critical Insights

Capture data from customer conversations, use it to analyse trends, demand and behaviour.

Get Total Control with EasySocial

WhatsApp Integrations
Integrations that make WhatsApp rewarding!
EasySocial is constantly developing native integrations to provide efficient and effective communication with customers from within the applications that you use the most, to increase revenue opportunities.
EasySocial WhatsApp Chatbot for enterprise

End-to-end Customizations for Large Enterprises.

Large organisation require unique solutions that are capable to handle huge number of interactions with security compliance and long list of integrations. At EasySocial, we value your uniqueness and are fully capable of delivering end to end integrated solutions that not only enhance your productivity but also puts you at the fore front of technology.

EasySocial is changing how businesses imagine WhatsApp Automation.