An Introduction to WhatsApp Business API

Sat Aug 13 2022


No ad, No gimmicks; that's how WhatsApp stands out with its platform. The Facebook-owned company was built with all the intentions of connecting people across seas without letting them feel the distance. The messaging application has now become a part of our lives, more than it intended to, and we're grateful in so many ways. Not just interpersonal communications, WhatsApp is also playing a pivotal role in helping brands take a forefront in customer support and engagement. The messaging application's utility has evolved dramatically through its timeline.

In 2009, when the application was just launched, nobody could tell that it's going to be a game-changer for small to large businesses. But now, it's the year 2021, and WhatsApp Business API has entered the chat, and believe us, you want to be a part of this conversation. Keep reading to know how WhatsApp Business API is bringing delight to brands and how your brand can also benefit from it.

What's with the API?

To understand WhatsApp Business API, you first need to know that it's different from Whatsapp Business. The former one is meant for large businesses or enterprises who need more extensive services for their Whatsapp business accounts. The latter is designed for small and medium-sized businesses and has limited offerings.

Mobile messages have a 98% open rate against 20% in emails which is why businesses are now making WhatsApp marketing more mainstream. The goal is to expedite the communication between the customer and business. However, there are many more solution providers who are giving similar services under a better package.

WhatsApp Business API Features

Let's have a look at some of the exclusive features offered by WhatsApp Business API and how they can give your brand a better way to communicate with your customers.

1) Message Tools

The newly introduced channel gives brand liberty to send out one-way notifications like appointments, alerts, confirmations, payment information, verification codes, tickets, and so much more. They can also make the chat two-way for superior customer support.

Promotional/ Bulk messages Automated messages, ticket sharing, automated notifications, opt-ins, etc are not integrated into the WhatsApp Business service, and this is where the API comes into play.

You can send out coupon codes, gifts, upselling and cold call messages to your customers at one click using the API.

Template messages WhatsApp Business does not have the feature to let the business send out template messages and make conversations easier. You can automate almost all of your chat by setting predefined texts and also assign the chat from the bot to a human when needed.

Opt-ins The thing about WhatsApp Business API solution is that you can only connect with customers who have either reached out to you first or have opted-in to receive messages from your business.

Personalized chats WhatsApp lets you make your conversations as fun and interactive as possible by allowing emojis, images, videos, links, PDFs, etc in a chat. However, with the API version, you only get 24 hours to answer your service requests. If you miss this time window, you will need the customer's permission to restart the conversation. The time barrier creates an urgency for the business to solve its customer's problems faster and stay on its toes at all times.

2) Data security and chat encryption

User data security should be the top priority for any service provider. The WhatsApp Business API solution has a secure system that makes your conversations safe and secure. You can share bank account details or any sensitive information without worrying about it blowing out on the internet. The messages are end-to-end encrypted which makes the data unavailable for any third party to read or use.

A quick comparison

If you've read till here, we're sure you have got some good insight about WhatsApp Business API, and its features. But there's so much more to it than just these features. Here's a quick comparison between WhatsApp Business and WhatsApp Business API for you to understand the distinction better!

So what's best for you?

Depending on the size and nature of your business, you must decide for yourself after carefully considering all the features. Nonetheless, WhatsApp has boomed as a marketing platform, and we've seen multiple big brands acing their customer engagement through the platform. Similarly, several small businesses have gained momentum through the correct use of the medium. It also comes down to using the best service provider. You must not end your quest for the best at Whatsapp Business API Provider as products like EasySocial are here to make your lives even easier!

Business API is a library of code, which is difficult to be integrated into the daily workflow by small and medium businesses; it requires the expertise of a technically adept team. EasySocial has done all the hard work for you and made WhatsApp Business API easy to use with a customizable chatbot that meets the needs of individual business needs.

Their unique platforms give you all the benefits and features that WhatsApp Business API has to offer, clubbed with unique automation capabilities that help you scale your business without hassle. Get upto 1800 customer enquiries answered within seconds and save big by choosing automation over traditional IVR. The supercharged chatbot is designed in a way that no coding is required for a business to get started and enjoy its dynamic features in one go! Book a demo now to see it for yourself.