Chat Menu

EasySocial has 3 options in chat menu. All tab, Active tab and Resolved tab.

ALL Tab: This tab consolidates all incoming enquiry messages from the WhatsApp API, providing a centralized location to access and review all customer inquiries. This ensures that no customer query goes unnoticed and allows you to maintain a comprehensive view of all enquiries received.


ACTIVE Tab: This feature can work in 2 ways .Firstly, once the chatbot is disengaged, and a business representative initiates a conversation with a customer regarding an enquiry, the corresponding inquiry is automatically moved to the ACTIVE tab. This allows your team to actively address and prioritize ongoing customer needs. Secondly, If your chatbot includes a human handover node, customers expressing the desire to chat with an agent will be seamlessly transferred to the ACTIVE tab. This ensures prompt assistance from a human representative when necessary.


RESOLVED Tab: After successfully resolving an issue or enquiry, businesses can mark it as resolved by simply clicking on the EasySocial icon located beside the three-dot menu at the top portion of the chat. This action not only helps you maintain an organized and clutter-free workspace but also provides valuable insights into the number of resolved enquiries for future analysis and reporting purposes.