Meta Business Manager Account Verification

Meta or Facebook Business Manager Verification is an important step to validate the authenticity of your business. Meta validates all information available about your business in the public domain with the information that you provide to Meta.

After the verification of your business Meta gives you access to a host of advanced features and limits for its different products and services. Facebook Business Verification opens up more possibilities for your WhatsApp Cloud API. You get the following advantages:

  1. Upgraded WhatsApp message sending limit per minute.
  2. Ability to send messages beyond monthly limit of 1000 conversions.
  3. Opportunity to apply for OBA (Official Business Account) status that shows a Green Tick Mark next to the display name of your business on WhatsApp.


  • Meta Business Manager Account
  • Meta Developer Account
  • Meta App with WhatsApp Cloud API Integration

Getting started with Meta Business Verification

  • Open
  • Login with your Facebook account
  • Click on the drop down on top left side of the screen.
  • Click on the gear button right next to the business that you with to get verified.
  • This will open the Settings page for that business, in the left navigation menu click on "Business settings".

dev 10.jpg

Now on the new page that opens up, scroll down to the bottom until you see "Security Centre" in the left navigation bar. Click on "Security Centre" menu. dev 11.jpg

You can click on "Start Verification" button. In case the button is deactivated and not clickable, the follow these steps. dev 12.jpg

A new page appears, click on "Get Started" button. dev 13.jpg

In the next pop-up choose the country for your business. dev 14.jpg

In the following up-up window enter you business details like the address, phone number and website for your business. Hit the "Next" button. dev 15.jpg

The next pop up screen will ask you to upload supporting documents to validate your business. dev 17.jpg

The first document that you need to upload must validate your business name. The documents that you may upload are as follows:

  • Business Registration Certificate of Incorporation / Formation
  • Business License
  • Tax or Vat Registration Certificate
  • The second document that you need to upload must validate your Address and Contact Number. You may upload the following documents for this validation (Ensure the business phone number that you entered in your Meta Business Details is clearly visible in the document that you choose to upload Utility Bill Bank Statement Business License When you are done uploading both the documents click on Next.
  • Now you have to select a "Contact Method", so that Meta can contact you if required. The recommended contact method is Email, when you select the email option, chances are the verification will happen within a few hours. Just ensure that the email you enter belongs to your official organisation domain, eg. or and it must not be a gmail / yahoo or any other public email account. dev 16.jpg
  • After selecting the email option, click on Next button.
  • Enter the email address, and click on "Send Email" button. dev 18.jpg
  • You would receive a confirmation code on your email address, copy and paste it in the "Enter Confirmation Code" pop-up window and hit Next. dev 19.jpg
  • Now you would see that in the Verification card a new status "In Review" starts to appear. dv 23.jpg

It takes anywhere between a few minutes to 48 Hrs for the Review to get completed. You should get a notification over email when your business is Verified. You can also periodically come back to this page and keep checking the updated status.

Best documents for Meta Business Verification in India

  • For Business Name Verification:
  • Business Registration Certificate
  • Udyog Adhaar

For Phone and Address Verification

  • GST Registration Certificate
  • Landline / Mobile Post Paid Bill on company Name and Address