Disable Auto Responder

You might have noticed the message "It seems you left the conversation in between. Please respond to our questions so that we can help you better. Thank you!".

This is a default auto responder message, which helps to bring the customer back in the conversation if he leaves the conversation midway, you have the option to customise this or turn it off completely.

If your customer is receiving this message after the completion of the conversation with the chatbot, that could imply the following:

There is a possibility that you have not marked the last node in your chatflow as the end node.

Learn how to build a chatbot : https://youtu.be/Le8c-7Rrbi0

Edit or Disable auto-responder message:

Follow the steps below to permanently disable the auto-responder message

  1. Go to https://app.easysocial.io/business/wa/chat-flow
  2. Look for the ChatFlow which is marked as the default.
  3. Click on the 3 dot menu corresponding to that ChatFlow, followed by Edit ChatFlow.
  4. ChatFlow editor will open in a new window. Look for Settings Option at the Bottom (Middle) of the screen. Click on the Settings option.
  5. A drawer will open from the right side.
  6. In that drawer look for "Enable Auto Reminder" switch option. Turn off this option to permanently disable auto-responder. Note, every chatflow has its own settings, in case you change your chatflow later, you will have to make changes to the new chatflow as well.
  7. In case you you wish to edit the message you can do so in the "Default Message" input field. You can also choose to change the duration after this message is sent to the customer.