Deleting a WhatsApp Number from Mobile App

Before you can set up WhatsApp Cloud API to your existing WhatsApp number, you must ensure that the number is disconnected from your mobile App. With this process there are some trade offs, but this is the only way to switch to WhatsApp Cloud API. Once the number is disconnected from your mobile app, you will loose all your old conversations with your customers and you will not be able to use this number with your WhatsApp mobile app going forward. However post migration to Cloud API and connecting the number with the EasySocial chatbot you will be able to communicate with your clients through the EasySocial portal instead of WhatsApp mobile app.

With EasySocial Chatbot for WhatsApp, you will also gain 100's of extra features that you do not get to access to with traditional WhatsApp mobile App. From managing broadcasts, to handling automated conversations, generating reports, managing large scale customer support via agents and many more incredible features.

So now lets learn how to delete / de-link a WhatsApp Number from WhatsApp mobile app for usage with WhatsApp Platform API.

How to delete a WhatsApp number from Mobile app?

-Open your WhatsApp mobile app. WhatsApp .jpg

-Go to 3 dot menu,

whatsapp 3.jpg -Go to Settings

whatsapp 2.jpg

-Click on "Account" option (first in the menu)

whatsapp 4.jpg

-Click on "Delete my account"

whatsapp 5.jpg

-Enter your mobile number in the given field

-Click on "DELETE MY ACCOUNT" button

whatsapp 6.jpg

-On the next screen select a reason for deletion, for your ease choose "Other".

whatsapp 7.jpg

-On the final confirmation screen again click the "DELETE MY ACCOUNT" button. Your phone number is now disconnected from WhatsApp Mobile App and is now ready to be used for WhatsApp cloud API.

whatsapp 8.jpg

To learn how to connect your phone number with WhatsApp cloud API watch our series on getting started with WhatsApp Cloud API.