Tag Assignment Node, How and Where to use?

This node basically allows you to add or remove tags to an inquiry based on the user's responses in a conversation.

Once you are within the Chatflow interface you will be able to see the "Tag Assignment node" under the Basic Message category on the right hand side of the page.

How and Where to use?

  • Click on the Tag Assignment Node from the Node's Drawer on the right side of the screen
  • Tagassignment node.jpg
  • Drag the node in the Chatflow canvas
  • Now click on the node in the canvas it will select the node and also open a properties drawer on the right side of the screen. This drawer will allow you to change the settings and properties of the selected node.
  • node-drawer2.jpg
  • On the property drawer the first property is "Node Title". This allows you to rename the text written on the node. This helps you to identify the purpose of the node in the chatflow. The text written on the node title does not get printed in the conversation.
  • For this example you can keep it unchanged or you can keep it as "Tag Inquiry" as the node title.
  • You can connect this node to a previous node. In that node you can ask the user about a particular detail and then based on it you can tag his inquiry. In this way it will be really helpful for you to know about which information he wants in particular.
  • Below the Node Title you will see "Update Tag Action"
  • When you choose the "Add Tag" option, you can easily select the tag from "Select Tag" dropdown.
  • You can create your tags according to the nature of your business.
  • To create tags, go to the chat interface and click on any chat
  • Select the blue icon beside "Tags" from the right hand side of the screen
  • Create a tag by choosing "New Tag"and save it.
  • After adding the "Tag Assignment" node you can attach a basic message node to it saying that you would soon get back to the customer.

Below this you will be able to see "Additional Options"

Additional Options

Mark Node as Start Node

When you select this option, the chatbot will consider this node as the starting message of the conversation.

Mark as end node

If you checkbox this, the chatbot will consider this node as the end message of the conversation

Assign enquiry at this step based on a preset rule

On choosing this option, automatically your inquiries will be assigned to your team members based on some preset rules. You can distribute the leads from "Lead Management" option in Settings and select "Lead Distribution Rules"

Skip this message while going reverse in chat flow through “#” response.

If a customer wants to go reverse in a chatflow instead of going forward he can do so by replying with a "#". This feature gets enabled on checkboxing this option.

Stop Auto-Reminder after this message

There are certain settings in our chatflow which allows you to send automated reminders to your customers. You can enable this from the Settings option located at the bottom of the Chatflow interface. If you do not want the auto reminders to be sent for a particular message then you can select this option.

Re-send message on invalid response from user

If the customer sends a message apart from the expected message then using this option you can send the same message again so that the customer can understand which type of response you want from him.

Jump to the next message

When you checkbox this option, the chatbot does not wait for the user to respond. It directly jumps to the next message