Template Body

Template body must contain only letters, digits & special characters, emojis and WhatsApp-specific formatting guidelines. Template body can not have more than 1024 characters.

Template Name

WhatsApp message template name can only include lowercase alphanumeric characters and underscores, it must not include any white space. For Example: delivery_notification, payment_reminder1 To ensure approvals give names to the templates which match the context of its content.

Template Content

The content of your template needs also be meticulously formatted. Maximum length must not exceed 1024 characters. The template can contain alpha numeric characters along with emojis and unicode characters. It must not have four consecutive newlines, tabs, or consecutive spaces. Dynamic data can be inserted in a template message by inserting a variable which is identified with these characters: {{#}} Here the # denotes a placeholder for a numeric digit, which helps to identify the variable. For example {{1}} denotes that its the 1st variable in the body text.

Sample Template Body

Dear {{1}}, We are pleased to inform you that you have won {{2}} position in the {{3}} competition. Explanation In this example, {{1}} could be replaced with a name, {{2}} could be replaced with a type of prize and {{3}} could be replaced with the name of the competition. This template once approved can be used in future for various permutations.