Expert Guide to Create WhatsApp Template Message on EasySocial

This document tells you how to create

  • Transactional
  • Marketing and
  • OTP category of WhatsApp templates within a few minutes.

WhatsApp does not want businesses who use WhatsApp Cloud API to intrude the privacy of its customers. So, whatever message the API user wants to send to its customers has to be submitted to WhatsApp as a template for approval. Once these templates are approved you can send these to your customers whenever you want to.

How to create a template?

  • Log in to your EasySocial account
  • Go to Settings
  • Go to WhatsApp
  • Click on Template Messages
  • Click on New Template Message template .jpg
  • Now, write the name of name of the template without using capital letters and add an underscore in place of space. This name will not be visible to the customer.
  • template 2 .jpg
  • Choose the Template Category. There are 3 types of template messages. One is for Authentication. If you want to send an OTP , code or any other value for validation to your customer then you need to choose this category. If you want to send marketing or promotional messages then you need to select the Marketing category. Lastly, if you want to give out a general information related to your business then you need to choose the Utility category.
  • template 6 .jpg
  • Next choose any language which you want
  • In the next field, choose your template type. If you want to keep the template message as a text only then choose Text whereas if you want to add a photo/video/document/Text as Header then choose the Media & Interactive option
  • If you select the Media & Interactive type then enable the Header option
  • template 4 .jpg
  • Select the type of Header you want to add
  • Type in your message in the Body field. In case you want to add a value which changes like customer's name, date, discount percentage etc then click on Add Variable from the footer of the Body field. So, whenever you send this template message to your customers you can easily add the variable values in the message.
  • Next if you enable the Footer option then you can add a small message in the lower part of the main template message.
  • template 5 .jpg
  • Then you need to enable the Button option. There are two types of Buttons- Call to Action and Quick Reply. If you choose the Call to Action button then you can provide two options to your customers. In one option you can add the URL of the website and mark the label as "Visit us at" and in the other one you can add your contact number and mark the label as "Contact us at". On the other hand, if you select the Quick Reply button then you can provide 3 options to your customers according to your choice. Once the customer clicks on any one option out of the 3, then the Chatbot will automatically send the next message.
  • template 3 .jpg
  • After choosing your desired Button click on Preview and Save
  • Now upload the image/video/document in the given field
  • Click on Submit for Approval